Move complete – One Month and Counting…


Nikki’s Tired…21.5 hours later

Nikki and Todd braved a 21.5 hour drive last Tuesday and arrived to a warm welcome of Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Coors Light around 12:30am “Wednesday” morning. The next day was spend unloading, arranging, unpacking and enjoying each other’s company. Todd left Thursday morning and Nikki stayed around until Saturday. Nikki and I got some great time together and are on the path to making this apartment in Fresno home…for now…

Being able to settle down for the first time since late June/early July is nice but it doesn’t come with added stresses. DirecTV comes tomorrow but I do not think I have missed not having TV…Saturdays and Sundays could have been more exciting with the Olympics to watch and my bar tabs at Yard House could have been a little less but thanks to HBO GO and my parents XFINITY sign in I’ve been able to watch most of everything that I need to (and have a number of HBO Sunday Night “Dates” with Nikki). My biggest take-away’s from the last month will be to read more, listen to more music and swim.

Nikki and I have 27 days until our Marriage and I have 19 days until college football Kickoff…needless to say this upcoming month is going to be crazy and filled with a ton of excitement. Nikki has moved in with my parents for the next month and I think they are more excited now than anytime I ever moved back in…but they should be.

I will get better at this whole blog thing but for now…GO Rams!


When life leaves you a 2/3 full bottle of Crown Royal…make Crown and Gingers.

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