Friday Night Thoughts

  • Michigan State and Boise State have serious QB issues…
  • Every new college football rule is hurting the game
    • Kickoff rule = stupid
    • Helmet rule = stupid
  • Derek Dooley seems like a coach you’d want to play for
  • Is baseball still going on…?
  • Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA from Firestone Walker is another great beer from my favorite CA brewery. 
  • I haven’t seen 1 political ad tonight and that is awesome.
  • Picking out cool groomsman gifts isn’t easy…
  • At this point I’ll go see any movie Justin Timberlake is in…
  • Fearless College Football predictions that nobody cares about:
    • Colorado State beats Colorado in a sloppy, offensive struggle 17-13
    • Fresno State lights up Weber State 42-14
  • Getting married in 9 days and I’m completely ready
  • Met Andy Roddick in New Orleans in 2009…cool guy, classy guy…didn’t get upset when I made Nikki grab his butt…but his eyes are super close together…just saying. 
  • I’m not a huge soccer fan but I do follow the Premier League, the USMNT, and our players…I like Clint Dempsey and I hope he hangs another 23 goals on the world next year, leads Tottenham into the Champions League and shows the world that Americans should get more than $9.5 million as a transfer fee…
  • I’m looking forward to working my first game at Fresno State tomorrow…kickoff is upon us…it took a lot of hard work and a crazy journey but it is here and I’m pumped.

That’s all for tonight. Go Rams and Go Bulldogs. 

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