Adventures in home brewing

We both have a love for beer and as a big “hint” for one of Ben’s wedding gifts Nikki gave a home brewing kit to make a summer wheat. Today was the day that we were finally able to taste our beer (good news, it was delicious!) so we wanted to share the process. Brew number one was a success and now we are on to an IPA.

Brewing process summary

Our kit included all of the ingredients we needed. The below picture is the start of the process – making a mash. This takes an hour and requires you to keep the temperature steady throughout the process.

"Your basically making oatmeal"

Once you’ve made your mash, you boil water to 170 degrees and use it to make your wort. The mash is placed in a strainer and you pour the water through the strainer to make the wort. We used a spatula to help it.


Once all the water goes through the strainer, you take the wort and a new pot and pour it through the mash one more time.

Making wort, step 2!

Now you’ve made your wort (pronounced “wert”) and using a funnel, you pour it into a jug. You place a tube into the jug and have the other end going into a bowl with sanitized water. The spoon we have in the bowl is to keep the tube down in the water – don’t worry we didn’t drink it.

Two weeks later you bottle your beer! And then it sits for two more weeks! The actual bottling process was a two person job and because of that did not yield any pictures. We’ll try to take some with the IPA. We place the bottles in our second bedroom closet which is a cool and dark place.


It’s easy to say the we are hooked! Ben has already ordered cascade and centennial hops and fine mesh pouches to try dry hopping with our next IPA. We’re having a great time making our own beer and look to keep filling our closets with beer and developing new recipes…(Ben put a very large amount of hops into the IPA)…so we’re excited for our homebrew journey.

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