If it looked like this all the time…

With clear skies, mountain views, and a ski resort 1.5 hours away…whats not to like.

After a pretty cold weekend with a little rain…Sunday turned out to be a little overcast and a Imagelittle windy. After earning the distinction of the dirtiest city in the USA (the air quality here leaves much to be desired) the wind and moisture temporarily blew all that pollution out of the city and afforded some excellent views of the Sierra Nevada range…actually the best Imageviews since I moved here in July.

The air quality here is very seasonal…I remember one time running this summer late at night and the air coming out of my mouth was cooler than the air outside. This was a big shock coming from a place where the air is crisp. Nikki and I have missed seeing the mountains every day but Sunday provided a great opportunity to see the newly snow-capped Sierra Nevada range with views stretching from KinImageg’s Canyon to the area where Yosemite is…ish.

The views of the mountains at 300 feet elevation in the photos don’t do them justice…the size and scope of these mountains that shoot up 10,000 to 14,000 feet straight up is pretty awesome…when you can see them of course.

Nikki and I both cannot wait to join family and friends in Colorado this Friday.


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