Nikki is gone for the second straight week for her new job with DuPont. She was in Phoenix last week and is currently home in Denver for 4 days. I was lucky enough to be able to fly down to Phoenix last week and enjoy a semi-relaxing (thanks Rahim Moore) weekend with Nikki in Scottsdale with our dear friend and one of my groomsman Mr. Tyson Osborne and his girlfriend Heather. We were also able to spend time with other friends and enjoy what we occasionally miss living here in Fresno while we make new friends in this area.

We do like it here. It seems like every day here we find another reason to be thankful for being in Central California with each other to start our lives. Nikki and I had a conversation the other day in reference to her current trip to Denver that stuck with me a little. When mentioning that she would miss me this weekend I tried to diffuse that by saying at least she will be able to spend time with her family and be “home.” Nikki’s response of “you are home” has really stayed with me. It was adorable and something that I have come to expect with my terrific wife but it also was incredibly relevant to why we are coming to like our time in Fresno more and more.

The incredible chance to start a life with someone in a challenging and different environment is a one in a million opportunity. We are forced to rely on each other for everything. We don’t have to adhere to any kind of social calendar. We talk more. We listen more. We value the quiet. Nikki has taught me that my mind cannot determine what is “clean” and what is “messy.” I have Nikki drinking straight bourbon on the rocks, and she genuinely likes it…

We do miss Denver. We miss our friends and family terribly. We aren’t looking back though. This adventure has enabled us to create HOME even though Colorado will always be ‘home’. Home right  now and forever will be a comfy couch, beverage in hand and my wife sitting next to me.

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