When you don’t have anything specific to say…

just start typing. It has been a while since we’ve blogged…it seems like every new post starts with something about how we haven’t been writing enough or keeping people up to date with our happenings out here in California. Well…its late on a Sunday night and I am going to start writing.

Nikki is in Kansas City for work but was able to visit with family and take in a ballgame at Kauffman Stadium…I’m not certain here, but my late Sunday night math has the wife with a slight advantage in MLB ballparks currently visited (I have seen games at the Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Landshark/whatever the hell its called).

I am 5 weeks away from running my first half marathon. I have run over 400 miles since moving to Fresno in July and started on my 3rd pair of shoes this week. I had been running in Nike Free’s for the better part of a year and a half and started developing some pretty gnarly Plantar Fasciitis, I will never run in Nike Free or “barefoot” running shoes again. The real revolution came in the Nike Pegasus 29’s…they rocked but after 350 miles the wear and tear was starting to show. I bought my first ever pair of Brooks running shoes and so far so good. I finished up a 9.15 mile run today and haven’t felt better after a long distance run. They’ll take a little time to get use to but should be good and will definitely treat my terrible knees better as I head toward 13.1. I have developed a great Saturday/Sunday morning run routine (and Nikki has joined me too) and will continue to run consistently after the 1/2 is over.

We’ll be back in Denver in 2 weeks and are looking forward to spending time with friends and family and celebrating a wedding. Home has been tough to be away from. I was able to return home frequently after first moving here and have not been home since Christmas and the New Year. It has been a tough last 4 months but being able to spend a long weekend home will be great.

Layer Cake is a weird movie if you don’t start from the beginning…is it trying too hard to be Snatch? Will need to watch again from the beginning.

Ruination IPA from Stone Brewing Co. is  good…I don’t know if I like it more than Double Jack but it is priced better…

New season of Game of Thrones…boring.

New season of Mad Men…really good; Don is Don again (with Black Haired Lindsay Weir); Pete just got p’owned; good dialogue, things are good.

New Bourdain show, Parts Unknown…good, I’ll watch anything he does but do we really need all the cinematography? Maybe a little slow motion but not with every scene.

We will make a point to post more…and focus on more relevant topics then what I have done tonight…until next time.


If you haven’t read The Road Not Taken by Frost lately…do.

One comment on “When you don’t have anything specific to say…

  1. philip469 says:

    cool to see inside the life of a runner I can relate with how I climb mountains , enjoyed the read

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