The Dusty Bun

Finding food trucks in Fresno was like Christmas Day for Ben and I. We continue to stalk Dusty Buns and the other local food trucks weekly. They get a lot of love locally, but now have received national attention.


The list of the top 100 best food trucks in America lists Dusty Buns Bistro as number 55. Glad to have Fresno on a list for something positive (and delicious).

Cheers to the Dusty Bun!


How did I get so lucky?!?!

I read a post from a friend recently that talked about how moving away from family and friends is very hard but is one of the best ways to start a marriage. I think about that nearly everyday.

And then I think about how lucky I am that Mr. Ben Lucas, this handsome, funny, smart, friendly, thoughtful guy, wanted to make me his wife and best friend for life. And then I get even more excited when I find gems like this picture (Ben with baseball cake) because I know he is going to be a great dad. And if our kids are passionate about anything as much as Ben is about sports, I’ll be happy.



(NOTE: I’m not pregnant)





Month of May

Nikki and I have been all too terrible at getting out some content but May was a big month, with lots of important stuff, and we need to share it all.

First things first, Nikki will no longer be a contract worker for DuPont, she will now be working for them full time out of Fresno in their Crop Protection Services division. She’ll be traveling a lot and will most likely be visiting a city near you soon. It is an amazing opportunity for her and she’s very excited to take on the challenge. Nikki was also very lucky to be able to spend a weekend with Fletcher and Claytie in Philly, enjoying great company, food and the sights (even Alex came from DC for the day to visit!)

As just about everybody knows by now, I successfully completed my first half marathon on May 19th here in Fresno. It was a huge physical and mental challenge but with the help and support from a ton of people I was able to finish ahead of where I ever thought I could or would.

We entertained the Sisters Walters for an entire week from the 22nd through the 29th. During their visit we were lucky enough to spend a weekend with friends in Malibu for the Miller wedding. A weekend of surfing, sea kayaking, beach lounging and spending time with some of our closest friends was a great change of pace for Nikki and I. Krista and Taryn would still be sitting on the beach if we didn’t drag them off and bring them back to Fresno but they also enjoyed a fun day in Yosemite while we were working.

The Jeep finally had California plates installed…The Jeep then became angry and broke…The Jeep is getting fixed Wednesday…The Jeep isn’t happy.

Nikki and I have continued our never-ending search for new restaurants and craft beer in Fresno and have been lucky enough to find a few great spots and friends to come along for the ride with us.

As we move into June the Lucas family begins their journey to Fresno with mom and dad visiting first and Jenny arriving 2 days after they leave. The day in between I will be hiking Half Dome…Fresno is heating up which means we’ll be venturing out of town just about every week with trips to Cambria, Paso Robles and San Francisco currently on the books.

Talk to everyone soon

Ben and Nikki