One year down – excited for many more!



Our first year of marriage has been a blur and a constant adventure as we’ve done our best to explore Fresno and the great sites that are around us in California. We are so thankful for the opportunity to explore and grow our relationship as husband and wife. We’ve been blessed by long time friends, new friends and great family support – we could not do it without you!


To Ben – Thank you for being an amazing and supportive husband. I am grateful that you can be a goofball with me and that you can make me laugh and smile no matter what mood I’m in. Your drive and determination always inspire me. Thank you for your friendship and unconditional love. I look forward to many more anniversaries and adventures. 


Love you lovesy! Nikki 

One comment on “One year down – excited for many more!

  1. Happy anniversary. Congratulations on making it through the first year. Mine was utter hell, and of course I had to blog about it since today I celebrated my 7th. 🙂

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