The Innovation of Loneliness – Commentary

Shimi Cohen published a great video about the connection of social media and human’s sense of loneliness.

Watch this video –

The video is masterfully done and the comparisons are smart and accurately pointed. Social media, video games, electronic devices have done amazing things to bring people together, increase efficiency and provide entertainment. Unfortunately they have also created lazy and out of shape kids, distracted spouses and effectively eliminated the need for face-to-face interactions.

Shimi asks “What is the problem in having a conversation? It happens in real time and you can’t control what you are going to say.” People and companies who operate in the same town as I do would rather have an email chain conversation with 12 people cc’d on it that lasts 4 days than take 30 minutes over lunch and discuss everything we would have accomplished in those emails before our entrees arrived at the table. The ability to check, edit, re-check, think “wait, did I cc or bcc the guy who I bashing on this email”, edit and push send is very safe. There isn’t any risk of spouting off or getting off track or thinking that you are only going to embarrass yourself and fail. Failing over an email or a text message feels better.

Don’t “sacrifice conversation for mere connection.” Get out in the world and have a conversation today.


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