Capture the Colour: Colo to Cali Edition

Our theme is always around adventure and exploring and our Capture the Colour submission does not stray from that. Thanks to Val with for the challenge. Ben and I accept!

Half Dome

Red Nikki: It’s hard to stand out with nature this beautiful surrounding you. Ben hiked half dome and brought this great picture back for his wife (not a t-shirt but I’d say a winner).


Jellyfish at Omaha Aquarium

Blue Nikki: This is a photo of my sister hanging out with jellyfish. While I was glad that glass separated us, this picture is one that will always wow me.

New Belgium at Fresno Brewing Company (RIP)


Ben: Nikki and I loved spending Saturday mornings in downtown Fresno at the Fresno Brewing Company. We loved the atmosphere, the coffee and the familiar beer. We enjoyed many local (Fort Collins) beers there before it closed a few months back. We miss it but are on the lookout for a new local Fresno spot to linger on Saturdays.  


Trees for days in Walnut Creek, CA are


Nikki: While visiting friends from CO that now live in Walnut Creek, we took advantage of the outdoors and went on a little hike. This is one of those views that you look at and stop dead in your tracks, look again and then are thankful that you have your phone with you to take a picture.



Ben: The Bellagio Water fountains will always hold a special place for Nikki and I. No matter how many times we go to Vegas and no matter what we are doing when we are there we always stop by for a show or seven.


Bellagio Water Fountains

2 comments on “Capture the Colour: Colo to Cali Edition

  1. I love these! The red is awesomely creative, but of course the yellow stole my heart :). if you guys have time i’d love to have you do a guest blog post for me on craft beers in California. oh…and, maybe one comparing COLORADO and CALI craft beers!!?? i found some amazing italian craft beers. we’ll do some beer tours as well as wine when you visit (hint hint). ciao ciao!

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