We’re Finally Regulars

Sequoia and Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company

A few years back I (Nikki) made a list of things I wanted to do before I died. One item was to take my sister Taryn to Disneyworld which was crossed off in 2012. That’s a foo-foo one, but still good to have been completed and the sisters Walters had a blast. Another one was to “Be a regular somewhere”. Living in Denver, there was always some new, hip place to go to that we never really had a spot. Since moving to Fresno, our spot is right around the corner from our place and conveniently hosts the weekly trivia nights that we compete in.

How do you know you’re a regular? Our big moment was when the wait staff knew our entire table’s preferred beverage. I know, dream big!, but it still felt good.

Since we’ve been going for a year we thought we share our favorite “go-to” drinks at Sequoia (by our place) and the Tioga-Sequioa (downtown Fresno).

Nikki’s preferred beers:

  • Del Oro – my go-to trivia beer. Light, refreshing, and easy to drink. Also helps keep the mind sharp. Must be served with lime.
  • Pomegranate Ale – the beer to combine with brunch. Sequoia offers a great breakfast on Sundays and if I’m not in the mimosa mood, this beer is a great breakfast beer. I feel weird for saying that. Sorry Grandma.
  • Half-Dome Wheat – Named for the famous Yosemite landmark that Ben summited last year (see blog post), this is a wheat beer made with SJV grown lemon and orange peel. Good stuff, not too heavy. Orange slice optional, but nice!

I (Ben) moved out a few months before Nikki did and one day I ventured to Sequoia for to do a tasting of their beers. $10 for tasters…ok, a little pricy but ok…until they brought out a cafeteria plate full of beers AND squeezed a few extras in just for good measure. After 13 or so samples I found out a few that I liked and have stuck with those ever since.


Cafeteria tray full of beer!

Ben’s (‘don’t give me no light beers’) choices:

  • Black Oak Porter – really nice Porter…very easy to drink for non dark beer fans…very, almost too, similar to 1554 from New Belgium.
  • Oatmeal Stout – my version of the breakfast beer. The times we’ve done brunch at Sequoia I always get roped into ordering their Oatmeal Stout. It’s a sucker bet, like putting $5 on red in Vegas, but I’m a sucker and I keep ordering it. Is it my favorite? Nope, not even close…but it’s Oatmeal…and that goes well with pancakes and eggs…right…?
  • Seasonal Releases

o   Russian Imperial Stout – thumbs up…not too boozy. Big complaint with other RIS category beers is that they taste like I am taking a pull off a Burnett’s lightweight traveller before a fraternity party in college…not really what I am looking for in a beer. Chocolate and Vanilla with a background hint of coffee…smooth and strong enough…only recommend one.

o   Double Pilsner – my favorite seasonal they have come out with. Really good…hoppy…light…overall a good and stronger alternative to a normal Bud/Coors/Stella style beer.

  • Tioga-Sequoia

o   Catacomb Brew – Blueberry Saison, 5.5 ABV, 20 IBU – not super fruity but the blueberry taste is there in the background…milder than a typical saison…smaller brewery and can tell with the beer being more small batch and it is slightly more carbonated. Not something I would order but definitely one for the ladies and craft beer newbies.

o   Sugar Pine Porter – Cocoa-Vanilla Porter – slightly too sweet for its own good. If it were just Cocoa or just Vanilla I think it would really stand up…maybe trying to do a little too much here.

o   General Sherman Double Dry Hopped IPA – This is a great improvement on the normal General Sherman IPA…they’ve clearly taken time to source some good hops and make the Double something that you’d feel great about buying ($4-5 for a bomber).


Catacomb, General Sherman Double Dry Hopped IPA, Sugar Pine Porter

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