What did we just watch? The brilliance of “The Night Of”

It is not my intention to have any sort of spoilers in this particular blog. Perhaps Ben and I will follow up with another detailed blog about the show. It definitely was one that made us think, feel, judge, change our minds, and solidify some opinions and enlighten us on others.

You’ll expect this show to be black and white. You’ll expect the characters to be black and white. In most crime movies and tv shows you’ll get that. Not so with HBO’s The Night Of. So many potential suspects. So many stereotypes. Lots of things wrong with systems (prison system, legal system, and I’ll throw in the overall HUMANITY system). 

Most tv shows have good guys and bad guys. It’s very clear who is who and why they fall into that category. This show tears that apart with the main character Nas. At the beginning of the season you see there to be NO way for him to have committed this murder. But as each episode reveals a little more information you realize that he is not infallible. He has done bad things. But does that make him a BAD guy? Aren’t most humans a little bit of both throughout their life? And most importantly, DID HE DO IT?!?!

The prison scenes were hard for me to watch (Nikki) because you know those things happen at some point in certain prisons. And how is it even fathomable to think that a “good” person charged with a horrible crime can survive prison and not become a little rougher? We had recently watched The Stanford Prison Experiment and had many more thoughts on the subject because of it. If you haven’t seen the movie, at least read up on the experiment.  

We like how it ended because it gives you the answers that you want. But it also shows that it’s not all hunky dory moving forward. All of our choices have cause and effect, whether for us or for others. 

We only had one set of friends who watched the show that we know of. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

Cheers, Make Good Choices, 


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