The blanket that took 10 years to make

In college a few friends and I (Nikki) learned how to knit. I loved simple projects and knitted at least 10 scarves right away. Then I saw a beautiful knitted blanket that a friends’ mom had made her and thought I was ready to take on a blanket. Little did I know you needed special equipment and although I used simple techniques, it it very easy to lose and gain extra stitch when you have 100 that you’re working with.

I got through 2 spools of yarn and then was put on hold for whatever reason. Every couple of years and through a couple of moves I’d find the blanket and try to pick up the project again. I knitted backwards a couple of times, lost stitches, gained stitches. I bought two spools of yarn knowing that eventually they would discontinue the color before I would finish the blanket and it sat in our guest bedroom waiting. I tried to finish during a lunch coworking knitting group but couldn’t consistently make the scheduled time.

Fast forward to 2019, married and have two kids, and I am all about decluttering and crossing things off the to-do list. And on June 27, 2019 I FINISHED THE GD BLANKET!

What. A. GLORIOUS. Feeling!

After a victory dance I had to take pictures and send them to my family. And when I laid it out on the floor it was a bunch of lessons and metaphors.

  1. Sometimes you are really proud of finishing something even if it’s not perfect and it’s a little rough around the edges.
  2. When a project spans 10+ years of your life you can look at it and remember all the different stages and emotions experienced.
  3. My 4-year-old daughter was the one who encouraged me to finish the blanket. Sometimes someone will give you the motivation you need when you least expect it. She loves it and it is special to her.
  4. Sometimes you have to re-learn how to do things. Take the time to research or look at the instructions. It’s not always the wise thing to jump right in.
  5. Cute, happy babies make great models of mediocre craft projects!

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